Jonesin’ for Joe!

 Favorite ATC store is and why?

Every-time I’m in Manila, I always make it a point to drop by at Alabang Town Center.

  • The Perfect White Shirt: Because i always avail and update whats their latest inspiring design of clothing’s and even  though i live in Iloilo City i order by shipping them to me by Air21.
  • National Book  Store: Very good ambiance and huge space for everyone and i love the postcards and magazine area.
  • Krispy Kreme: I’m happy that Krispy Kreme opened last September 2012. A dream come true for my craving stomach.
Why should i win a signed photo of  Joseph Adam “Joe, Danger” Jonas?

The “OJD” (obsessive Jonas Disorder) me way back 6 years until now. i can’t even recognized my self without them and Joe is part of that’ one of the pieces that mold me for who i am right now and i almost spend 90% of my allowance just to buy memorable stuffs about Jonas Brothers even some are from other country until now.  *When i saw that Joe Jonas will  visit Philippines for his Mall Tour and to be a Bench endorser  last May 25-27 2012,  I was screaming from my top of lungs because i wanna go and I’m ready to go!  but unfortunately we have a scheduled family vacation and that was the saddest, cheerless and heavyhearted and so on. But wait its not the end after all when ‘Philippine concerts’ announced about this and i think to my self I’m still blessed until with flying colors until i reached my boundary of  my worthwhile life. and i have faith to be the worthy one. Thank you. 🙂

♥These are some of my Collections♥

*This huge banner of Joe taken at Ayala Cebu’ just a remembrance but i was not able to see him because of my Family Vacation. :/



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